Shop Viz

Notifies You When Action Is Needed

ShopViz®’ reporting features let you compare historical performance from several machines and/or time periods. Reports include Timeline, Utilization, Energy, and Configurable. Reports provide the data you need to assess whether your improvement efforts have had a positive — and lasting — effect. Any ShopViz® report can be automatically emailed directly to you.

ShopViz® can also notify you when a slowdown or stoppage happens, such as when an alarm occurs, production stops, or overrides are changed. You configure what circumstances and durations generate an email or text message, letting you know immediately that there is a problem on the floor that warrants your attention.

If you see that your cycle times are inconsistent, one area to look at may be the overrides – ShopViz® collects and presents your feed and spindle override information. You can learn when the operator is overriding the programmed parameters and investigate the cause. If the operator is correcting bad cutting parameters, you have the opportunity to correct the problem at the programming level, providing greater consistency in your

finished parts and achieving a higher level of quality.