Shop Viz

About ShopViz

ShopViz™ is an innovative new web-based system for small/medium-sized manufacturers that enables 24/7 monitoring for one or more machines. This technology is based on the MTConnect® platform of open innovation and is a way to track your machine performance real-time. It’s adaptable to any production shop and can be customized to fit an organization’s data needs and IT requirements.


These include:

• Real-time data collection for a timely and comprehensive view of your shop floor
• Consistent, easy-to-understand web-enabled interface
• Ability to provide machine uptime intelligence and identify and classify downtime
• Modularity to support future add-ons and growth
• Zero licensing fees
• Reduced operational costs 
Basic ShopViz™ data is generated directly from the machine tool with no operator input. It is a cloud-based application which allows access to this data at any time and at any place. ShopViz™ can help improve the productivity of your manufacturing processes by 20-60%. It will improve productivity by providing awareness of available capacity as well as help you avoid delivery delays with undetected machining issues. Most importantly, it provides you objective data to make your capital expense decisions.