Shop Viz


Can ShopViz™ be installed at my site instead of online?

Yes, ShopViz™ is available as both a cloud and a local application. Local on site installations support facilities with heightened security requirements and allow using ShopViz™ without any connection to the Internet.


What is the technology behind ShopViz™?

ShopViz™ technology is based on the MTConnect® platform of open innovation.  It is a uniform way of collecting, transmitting, and leveraging data from machine tools and other types of computerized manufacturing equipment. It is an open, royalty-free communications standard that addresses the need for compatibility, interoperability, and plug-and-play capabilities for the manufacturing industry.

Why should I use ShopViz™?

The 24/7 monitoring of one or more machines provides manufacturing you with near real-time data throughout your shop floor.  This collection of current data will help you quickly identify and rectify machine inefficiencies to reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Will ShopViz™ work with my older machines?

Yes, customized software adapters and agents let you take advantage of ShopViz™ and monitor the status of all your machines no matter what their age.

Who else is using technology like this?

MTConnect® technology was developed by the MTConnect Institute, whose founding members include the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), TechSolve, and GE.  The Institute’s Technical Advisory Group members include organizations such as Lockheed Martin, MAG, Makino, Mazak Corporation, and FANUC. Pilot projects have been implemented by a number of manufacturers, including GE Aviation and Remmele Engineering.

How do I get started implementing ShopViz™ in my own organization?

TechSolve can help you assess your data collection goals and determine the best path for achieving these goals based on your plant size, age and number of machines, and current data collection processes.