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TechSolve Produces Measurable Results

TechSolve helps clients identify and implement process changes and growth solutions that yield the best results for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

TechSolve’s team of business specialists, engineers, and scientists works with a wide spectrum of companies to help them achieve top-line growth, bottom-line savings, and improved profitability. Through a hands-on approach, TechSolve’s industry experts:

  • Implement Lean and other productivity improvement and cost reduction projects at the enterprise and supply-chain levels
  • Facilitate new product development and growth planning
  • Help program and product managers reduce the cost of machining high-volume/low-cost or low-volume/high-cost metallic engineered parts
  • Support the development of advanced manufacturing tools and technologies
  • Test and evaluate tools, materials, and fluids in our fully-instrumented Machining Laboratory
  • Reduce part costs through proprietary software that provides detailed machining analysis and modeling to identify high-cost part features

For over 35 years, TechSolve has helped businesses around the globe identify and implement process changes that will make them more successful. And we can prove it. TechSolve uses an independent third-party surveyor to record and validate the cost reductions and sales increases customers achieve as a direct result of TechSolve’s services.  Between 2009-2011, we helped Ohio companies achieve cost savings of $80,418,031, increase/retain sales by $883,328,177, and created 4,705 jobs.

Industries TechSolve serves include:

  • Mid-Large Sized Manufacturing
  • Small Business 
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Local Government




The City of Cincinnati, the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, the University of Cincinnati, and large local industry founded TechSolve as The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences (IAMS) in 1982 as part of a regional effort to improve the competitiveness of local manufacturing and related businesses. IAMS changed its name to TechSolve in 2000.

In 1984, TechSolve became one of the Ohio Thomas Edison Technology Centers through the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA). The Edison Program provides ongoing financial support through the award of matching grants. Beginning in the mid-1990s, using techniques established by Toyota, TechSolve assumed a leadership role in the innovative application of these techniques in a variety of manufacturing and non-manufacturing business sectors to achieve continuous improvement and quality management.

TechSolve now works to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations across the country and towards the development of advanced manufacturing techniques. Partnering with organizations in the areas of manufacturing, local government, aerospace, and defense, TechSolve is committed to the success of all its clients.

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